Pilkington „Inspired by glass”

Corporate video series

Project details

Pilkington (NSG Group in Poland)

Project date:
Q3, Q4 2018
Q1, Q2 2019

„Inspired by glass” is a video series initiated by Pilkington Poland (NSG Group) presenting their most inspiring employees. Its’ goal is mainly to emphasize that every person portrayed is a valuable employee, not only because of his/her references, but also personal experiences and passions.

It’s divided into separate videos, each presents different employees. There were 4 episodes total (2 already published, other 2 still in progress).

List of episodes:

  1. Roman Pordzik – Pilkington Automotive in Piekary Śląskie
  2. Adam Duma – Pilkington IGP in Sandomierz
  3. Agnieszka Wudz – Pilkington IGP in Sandomierz (to be published, Q4 2019)
  4.  Michel Knepper, Vyacheslav Prygonyuk, Chihab-Dine Ben Taya – Pilkington IGP in Sandomierz, Pilkington Polska in Warsaw, Pilkington Automotive in Sochaczew (to be published, Q3 2019)

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